Auto body repair & paint

 The condition of your car’s exterior says much about you. Some vehicle body repair works such as windshield repair keep you safe on the road. If you want to get your car back into the best shape please call us (+1-650-591-3111) for more details.

1. Body Filling

With millions of cars on the road, collisions are now a common occurrence. What’s more, you have to grapple with other forms of car body damage. When the damage is extensive, auto technicians recommend body filler to deal with dents. The auto repair material is a cheaper alternative to use instead of body solder.

The technicians apply the thick, two-part polyester resin to the dented part of your car. The resin then dries in position. After the body filler is repainted, you can’t tell if your vehicle had any dents. Auto body technicians prepare the dents to create the perfect surface for the body filler.

2. Paintless Dent Repair

If your car has been in a fender bender, you don’t have to pay for comprehensive body paintwork. Paintless dental repair is an alternative to paintwork and works best for shallow dents where the paintwork is intact.

Auto body professionals repair the dent from the underside of the damaged area with state-of-the-art tools. If you want to restore that smooth finish to your car’s body, ask your auto body shop about paintless dent removal.

3. Window Repairs/Replacement

Your car’s windows are critical components for a safe driving experience. Because of the delicate nature of glass, windows suffer damage from different sources. Extreme weather such as hailstorms and heat, road debris, and car collisions are some common causes of window damage.

Always check the conditions of your windows before you drive. The main window is the windshield, which protects the car’s occupants and improves visibility. You also have windows on either side of the vehicle and a rear window.

For minor issues such as chips or small cracks, window repair is possible. For extensive damage to the windows, you need a replacement. Damaged windows reduce visibility, compromise the integrity of the vehicle, and can cause the airbag to malfunction.

4. Car Body Paintwork

When a car is new, the paintwork gleams and exudes beauty and elegance. With age, the paint might fade and diminish the appearance of your vehicle. Other causes of auto body paint damage include extreme weather, poor maintenance, harsh detergents, bird droppings, and collisions to mention a few.

Car body paint restores your car’s beautiful appearance and protects the body underneath. If you leave the dents and scratches unrepaired, you end up with more extensive damage to the bodywork. Auto body technicians can assess the extent of the body damage and recommend paintwork.

5. Extensive Collision Repair

In case of a serious car accident, your car requires specialized collision repairs. You should always have the car checked at a professional auto repair shop to determine the extent of the damage. Auto technicians go beyond the surface and check for further damage.

Repairs include panel beating, panel replacement, frame testing, repair, and strengthening. The idea is to ensure your car gets back on the road better than in the pre-collision state. Such extensive repairs improve the safety and functionality of your car’s body.

Your car’s exterior impacts both functionality and aesthetics. The best auto body repairs help to get your car back into shape and enhance its looks.

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